ALL servers are attached to an all Cisco OC-192 internal network connected to the Net with an OC-48, and three OC-12's using seven backbone providers. We do not provide personal dialup access, so the bandwidth normally taken up with dialup access is accessible to our web servers. This makes for a responsive web site and consistent serving.

Along with fast multiple lines access are the machines that do the work. We run a dual platform network running Windows NT and UNIX, running top of the line server software. This way we can provide a broad range of WWW based functionality and services.

Web Hosting Services
Virtual Servers (WWW)
Dedicated Servers (WWW) 
E-Mail Accounts & Forwarding
FrontPage 98 and 2000 Support
Ready Made CGI
Custom CGI
Networking Services
99.9% Availability and Uptime

Why host with SHIB NETWORKS
Your web site is closer to the Internet backbone so it loads faster.
An engineering staff that is available to discuss your business needs.
"We got pipe ... and that ain't no hype".
Full feature hosting on both UNIX and NT operating platforms.
Name brand network and server components ... only the best will do.
The ability to host anything from a single page to a complex, multimedia site.
Support, commitment, features ... competitive pricing!


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